The manager honestly did not understand my concern

I decided to make an online delivery order at the local cannabis store. I made the order online and I gained a confirmation letting me understand that the items would be delivered around 6:45 p.m. I suppose that the times can vary, especially on the weekends and nights. By 8:30, I was beginning to wonder about the order. I decided to contact the cannabis store and I asked to speak with the manager. A genuinely young man came to the telephone and said he was the cannabis shop manager. I began to explain the trouble and the manager told me that I needed to wait longer for the order. I tried to tell the manager that I had already been waiting as long as 3 hours, but of course he did not seem to understand what the problem was… There was no way for me to cancel this order, so I tried to relay the information to the manager. I finally hung up and called back. Someone else was able to answer this time. I explained the drawback with my order and the guy told me that the delivery driver would arrive very soon. I genuinely hoped the information was accurate. I waited 35 more minutes and then the cannabis driver eventually showed up with the items. The driver apologized profusely for running late and told me that the order had been overlooked until I called to question the location of the delivery. The driver had two extra 1 gram infused pre-rolls in the bag. He told me the infused pre rolls would be no extra cost because of the trouble. They were valued at $26 each.

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