The new boss at the weed store is so much nicer

My co-workers and I did not recognize what we should expect when the people I was with and I found out that a new supervisor was going to take over the weed store.

  • The outdated supervisor wasn’t exactly our cup of tea.

She did not seem to care much about the employees and never considered any of our feedback to be worth her time. We all assumed that management would hire someone exactly like that person. We were shocked to find that the new supervisor is considerably different. The new person is around 20 years older than the other supervisor. This person has been in the whole cannabis industry since before marijuana was legalized in our state. She told all of us a couple of crazy stories. The supervisor told us that she was going to start doing things in a different manner. Then she implemented quite a few changes. From now on scheduling will be truly flexible. If you want a morning off, you can have it, as long as you make sure to request the time weeks in advance. Most everyone will get the days off that they request. That was something everybody complained about in the past. When the people I was with and I had a rather busy month at the weed store, the supervisor made everybody come in to work. They would not honor any morning off requests. It made it tough to schedule appointments for the dentist, health provider, and chiropractor. After spending some time with the new weed store supervisor, it seems that things really will be different. She generally seems as though she wants the employees and management to be happy and work together nicely.

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