The police thought there was cannabis in the car

My good friends and I went to a pretty cool event that was straight across the state lines.

The fairly long drive did not seem so bad until my friends and I were pulled over by the police.

The police claimed that they saw my good friends and I smoking marijuana inside of the car. I know the cop did not say through my tinted windows. It’s essentially impossible to see through the windows when you are right beside them. There is unquestionably no way he saw my good friends and I smoking marijuana. The cop wanted to search my vehicle, however I did not actually think he had any cause. I tried to argue with the officer about this issue, but it was obvious that he was not going to budge. I had to let the guy search my car if we wanted to be on our way, and he called two other officers to join him on the scene. I unquestionably think the guy was genuinely hoping to discover a pound of meth or a tote or heroine. The cops looked through basically everything and even attempted to take the dashboard apart… When they did not find any marijuana in the car, the cops did not care to apologize for wasting our time. I unquestionably got their badge numbers though and the name of the supervisor. They made the moves to harass my good friends and I just because all of us were driving a fancy car. They claimed to see marijuana in the car, but my good friends and I were not using any marijuana products in the car. He unquestionably had no reason to pull us over and harass all of the people in the car in the first place.


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