The prices on marijuana haven't gone up much since the pandemic

Prices on a lot of things have gone up since the start of the pandemic.

I’ve noticed all of the prices at the grocery store are going up each week.

Most of the fresh produce products like tomatoes, onions, oranges, and lettuce have gone up by almost a dollar. Products like paper goods, plates, cups, and plastic wrap are also higher than ever before. Milk was $3 a gallon last year at this time and now it is almost $5. With no end to the pandemic in sight, it’s hard to imagine these prices recovering anytime soon. I’m thankful that the prices on marijuana haven’t gone up much since the pandemic. I regularly go to the recreational marijuana dispensary to buy products. I like to smoke weed when I feel stressed out and need to relax. It’s my favorite way to unwind after a long day of chores and work. I haven’t seen the prices go up much at all since the pandemic started. The prices on marijuana flower and concentrate are still just as cheap as ever. Before the state legalized recreational marijuana sales, prices were a bit higher. Since legalizing marijuana for everyone, the prices have dropped significantly and not gone back up. We had to wait a long time before we could access legal marijuana. The lawmakers in this state really tried to drag their feet and keep recreational marijuana from being legalized. It became too difficult of a task when all of the states that surround hours legalized marijuana for recreational and medical reasons.


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