The sativa cartridges were entirely high in THC

My bestie and I got a couple of sativa cartridges from the cannabis dispensary before every one of us went to the new home last weekend.

The people I was with and I passed a cannabis dispensary on the way out of the town and the place has fine prices.

The people I was with and I bought a couple of strange items for the weekend, including more than one sativa cartridges for our cannabis vape pen. One of the sativa cartridges was a strain called green dream. The other sativa cartridge was a strain called Super Silver Haze, then both of the strains I had an harshly high THC percentage in addition to a high amount of cannabinoids. The sativa cartridges were more high-priced than the vape pen cartridges that our bestie and I would usually purchase, but the dispensary had a representative from the supplier that day and they were offering the products at a remarkably low deal. The people I was with and I also picked up some other products like edibles, cannabis infused drinks, and pot brownies. The first day after every one of us arrived at the cabin, our bestie and I sat outside on the porch and every one of us Vape from the Blue Dream cartridge. It tasted like greenberries and I could tell the terpenes had been added to the product. I didn’t mind at all. Terpenes have their own medicinal effect on the body. I only smoked a couple of hits from the vape pen and I felt entirely relaxed and motivated, however my bestie was also feeling energetic, so the more than one of us decided to hike to the top of the mountain. The trail was a lot longer than every one of us expected and every one of us did not get back until long after supper was over.


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