Using CBD patches to alleviate sciatic pain

I was stupid about not protecting my back while I was in my early 20s.

I did a lot of weight lifting stances that caused slow damage to various muscles and tendons, especially doing squats.

On top of the weight lifting, I also used a messenger bag that I would fill with text books, notebooks, and a computer. Since it was a messenger bag, it pulled on one side of my back instead of both sides equally like a backpack. If I had known back then that I was giving myself years of constant leg and back pain because of that stupid bag, I would have thrown it into a pit and blown it up with homemade dynamite. It’s a serious frustration of mine, but I have to make do with my current predicament instead of indulging in anger. Taking prescription pain medicine is out of the question. I won’t take kratom either because it affects the body just like opiates and poses a similar propensity for addiction and dependency. I thank God every single day that I found CBD products, especially the topicals like skin cream and patches. My CBD patches are amazing at alleviating my severe sciatic pain. I place the CBD patch right over the location of my pain and the cannabinoid is able to absorb directly into the skin and alleviate my discomfort. The CBD patches aren’t necessarily cheap, but they make my life a lot easier than if I didn’t use them. Lidocaine patches are great, but sometimes they give me severe anxiety. However, CBD does not give me anxiety; by contrast, CBD will almost always improve whatever anxiety I’m experiencing when I consume it.
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