Who uses medical weed

I found out some interesting things about medical marijuana in my hunting around.

So first off all the people know of medical cannabis as well as cancer.

Apparently it is a respected misconception that cannabis can cure cancer or at least make it better. No, that is not certain at all. What medical weed does is lessen the effects of chemotherapy. The nausea, sleeping problems as well as lack of appetite are made better when smoking medical style weed. You still have cancer as well as are fighting it, the weed just makes the fight easier. Apparently quite a few people when diagnosed with cancer now are just smoking weed as well as thinking they will be okay. They don’t think they need to keep going to the doctor’s office or try chemotherapy. These people suppose marijuana is the medicine. Alas this is just not true. Another shocking thing I found is that the number a single reason people get medical cannabis. I would have thought about cancer but apparently chronic pain is the main reason people are seeking out cannabis. Week to week aches as well as pains, who would have thought? Another strange thing about medical weed is all the problems it can treat. Anxiety, depression, PTSD, dementia, as well as Parkinson’s are just a few. You can even use medical weed to sleep nicer, fight hot flash symptoms as well as even use it for acne relief. Why aren’t more people medical weed patients? When you look at the laundry list of things that weed can help with, it makes it seem appreciate almost everyone should be smoking. It isn’t that difficult to get a card or that high-priced after all.


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