A cannabis infused treat for my dog

Reclaim is a dark colored sticky substance that appears during the marijuana vaping process.

  • Reclaim is a residue product that hasn’t been baked.

An efficient vapor won’t have a lot of reclaim, although I respectfully have reclaim in my pipe. I scrub the pipe once a month and I put all of the reclaim in a separate jar. I use the reclaim to make cannabis infused snacks like cookies and cakes. Since the reclaim has already been decarboxylated, it is quite straight-forward to use in cooking and baking. I decided to deliver my dog a small amount of reclaim the last time the people I was with and I had an appointment with the groomer. My dog gets terrible stress every time she has to leave the house. The other day I decided to deliver the dog a small amount of reclaim. I had the reclaim mixed with coconut oil. I detached a small scrape from the jar and I put the scrape on a cracker. My dog didn’t want to eat it until I covered it with peanut butter as well. After that, she was cheerful to slurp down the cannabis infused treat. When the people I was with and I got to the hairdresser, my dog was about ready to pass out. I could tell that the reclaim entirely changed her demeanor, and she was much more calm and relaxed. That groomer didn’t have any trouble clipping the dog’s nails, cleaning her teeth, and giving him a full bath and shave. My dog was tired and sleepy most of the day, although I entirely guess the reclaim is the way to go when the people I was with and I have to go to the vet or the groomer.


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