A good sale day

Wednesday I went to the cannabis dispensary to stock up on concentrates.

I like to vape cannabis concentrates instead of smoking weed.

Smoking weed means inhaling smoke, tar, and other harmful substances. I started vaping about a year back and I felt much healthier. I haven’t smoked weed in a long time. I have a joint every once in a while, although I have not purchased dried flower from the pot shop in months. I didn’t plan to buy marijuana flower when I went to the store on Wednesday. In fact, I localed an order for pickup and I planned to run in and grab my items and come right back out. There was a representative in the lobby of the dispensary from a single of the top shelf flower producers. They were offering free indoor flower sixths with any purchase of a new indoor flower product from their collection. The dispensary had a couple of ounces that were under $50 and the free product was a $50 value as well. I entirely wanted to try the super silver haze strain that was provided for free. The trichomes on the buds were entirely clear and the buds seemed to be covered with the crystals. The weed looked way too good to pass up. I had to go to the machine to withdraw more currency in order to make the purchase, although I didn’t mind. When I got back to the apartment from the cannabis shop, I rolled up a joint and immediately smoked some of the super silver haze. It was worth every single penny. The relaxed mood I got from smoking that joint made the rest of my night stress-free.

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