I was hoping they would supply our medical marijuana.

I have a taxing enough time driving at any time, let alone needing to drive in snow and ice, then i had put in our order at the marijuana dispensary earlier that day, before knowing that the people I was with and I were supposed to have inclement weather.

  • I was hoping to be able to get into town and pick up our marijuana order before the weather got bad, however it did not happen.

I had a dentist’s appointment that day, and I did not get out of the office for almost 3 sixths. I called the marijuana dispensary, hoping that they would supply our medical marijuana to our home. When I talked to the budtender, he told me that they were not doing any marijuana deliveries due to the weather. I understood what he was saying, although I told his I was unable to get to the marijuana dispensary because of the weather. After trying to explain that I was almost 40 miles away from the marijuana dispensary, he told me that they would just hold our order for me until the next day. I am not sure if he did not understand that I needed the marijuana, so I wanted it that day, or if I did not understand that there was no way they were going to make a marijuana delivery to our home. After about 10 hours, I told his to just put the marijuana back on the shelves, and when the roads were clear I would be in to pick up an order. Who knows, maybe I’ll change our mind before I easily get to go into the marijuana dispensary, and want something different.