It takes a while for the dispensary to include delivery service

COVID has made a mess of some things while improving others.

I remember having such fun attending musicals, sporting events, concerts and movies.

Because of COVID rules, there is no opportunity for those types of activities anymore. The restrictions make it impossible to host performances or buy tickets to a hockey game. How frustrating is that? However, I am thankful for the delivery services that are now available. I can buy just about any product and have it sent to my door. Grocery shopping used to be a once a week endeavor. Now I use a weekly grocery delivery. Standing at the deli was always time-consuming. Now I just include deli products online and add them into my order. It costs a little extra to have everything sent to me. I just need to be at home when the order arrives due to the perishables. I get nearly everything delivered now, including the color I use for my hair, toiletries, pet supplies and even home improvement items. I rarely need to battle traffic, deal with inclement weather or worry about parking because of errands. The nearby cannabis dispensary took a while to set up their delivery service. I’m not sure if they had trouble finding drivers, arranging their website or meeting compliance but they were very slow with adding delivery. I tried buying from the dispensary a few times. I stood outside until it was my turn to go inside. I just about melted in the heat. I only did it a few times. Fortunately, they offer cannabis delivery now. I can shop online at any time, 24/7 and place an order from the comfort of home. I choose delivery and a driver arrives at the house that same day. If I spend a certain amount, the delivery is free. I always seem to order enough that I never pay for the convenience of delivery.


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