My brother decided to open up a cannabis store

My brother Joe opened up a cannabis store right here in town a couple of years ago, plus it is genuinely doing great.

Whenever Joe first told us that he was going to be opening up a cannabis store, all of us were somewhat skeptical about the whole idea.

None of us in the family had ever heard of anyone running a successful supplier similar to a cannabis store before. All of us were all afraid that he would not be welcomed in our community, however that has not been the case whatsoever. Joe is doing great plus the cannabis store is busy all the time! He had to jump through a ton of hoops plus do a whole lot of legal stuff in order to get the cannabis store licensed plus ready to go. He was extremely busy at the start when he was working hard to get all of the stuff completed because there is genuinely a great deal of stuff to accomplish when it comes to opening up a cannabis store. However, Joe stuck with everything plus he hired some people to help him out so he got all of the legal stuff figured out beforehand. So now, he just must stay on top of the local plus state cannabis laws. Cannabis laws are being changed all the time, so he has to make sure that he knows precisely what he is doing. All of us are all genuinely proud of Joe these days. His long time dream of having his own cannabis dispensary has been achieved plus he is genuinely making it work out well for the community!

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