My grow room air purification system catches any spores that get in whenever the door opens

When I started using weather apps 10 years ago, I was impressed by having real time radar plus weather forecasting at a moment’s notice in our pocket.

  • It’s helpful if you’re out plus trying to avoid a rain storm, as the weather app will show you what direction the storm is headed in plus the severity of it as well; This could be helpful to postpone a beach outing or some other outdoor interest.

But the weather apps these days go a step further plus give myself and others real time allergen levels for common outdoor allergens. There are measurements for dust, mold, ragweed pollen, tree pollen, plus grass pollen. Aside from being able to plan our activities so our respiratory dust sensitivities aren’t upset, it also gives myself and others a warning with our marijuana grow operation. I have a bunch of plants in a shed that I have set up for temperature control. This keeps the air cool plus dry inside, while also filtering any airborne allergens or contaminants that could get on our cannabis plants while they’re growing. Without our grow room air purification system, I can only imagine what sort of allergens would be getting on our plants every time I walk in from outdoors. The cannabis plants act adore sponges for allergens, plus that’s why it’s so easy to buy marijuana flower buds from a dispensary plus detect a hint of mustiness in its odor. If I can grow our own cannabis, I think adore I can do a better job preventing contamination with things adore spores, dust, plus pollen! You have to suppose about bacteria as well.


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