My mom won’t visit the dispensary

My mother has really terrible arthritis in her knuckles.

She has eaten gin soaked raisins and tried prescription medication.

Nothing provided sufficient relief from the pain or reduced the swelling. I started looking into natural remedies for her. I read success stories from people who are using medical marijuana strains to treat arthritis symptoms. I mentioned this to my mother and she was reluctant to try it. She insisted that she wouldn’t smoke anything. She ruled out flower, joints, blunts, bowls and even vape pens. I did more research and came across the benefits of topicals. They are a medical marijuana product but rather than a consumption method, topicals are a delivery method. Ointments, creams and balms are applied directly to the skin. They provide localized relief because the cannabinoids sink into the skin and activate receptors. There are topicals with THC or CBD or both. My mother looks for a higher CBD level because this cannabinoid is a natural anti-inflammatory. She chooses eucalyptus-like terpenes because they are particularly soothing. The addition of essential oils like lavender eliminate the medicinal smell. My mother, however, was unwilling to go to the cannabis dispensary. She was embarrassed about buying marijuana. Even though cannabis is totally legal in our state and she is a medical marijuana card holder, she wasn’t comfortable. I located a medical marijuana dispensary that offers cannabis delivery in my mom’s area. I got her all set up with an account. She needed to provide her medical weed card and photo ID. She can shop cannabis topicals and more from home. Her order is then delivered right to her house that same day. My mother has found a great deal of relief. Her fingers are no longer so swollen, stiff or sore.

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