Not up with the times just yet

No one is going to convince me that pot isn’t a drug.

I grew up in the 80s when there was a war on drugs and marijuana was a big problem.

I didn’t want medical marijuana to be okay. There is entirely no way that the scientist can convince me that marijuana can easily be helpful. When the first vote was made to legalize medical marijuana, I voted against the project and so did several other women in town. The vote didn’t pass the first time, but it did pass the second time. As soon as medical marijuana was legalized, all of the crime started to escalate. All of a sudden they wanted more of our taxes to pay for additional police officers and security around town. I entirely knew that was going to be a problem. It’s the entire reason why I fought against the legalization of medical marijuana. Now it’s several years after this, and recreational marijuana was just legalized. I easily feel like it’s time for myself and others to transfer somewhere else. There was a sign close to the grocery store and I found out that a brand new recreational marijuana dispensary is going to open across the street from the bank. I am horrified to guess that our neighborhood is going to fold that entirely to the current laws and I am not ready to let go of the past. It seems like this country is falling apart and I want to live in a locale with people that guess the same way as me. I’ve lived here for 50 years, although I can’t kneel by and watch all of these current changes.

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