The days of cannabis have changed

When I smoked pot in highschool, I didn’t think there were a bunch of different strains that have odd changes on your body; I told somebody that I wanted to buy pot and they got it for me.

  • I never knew what strain it would be or if it was going to be a top kind of product or something less than great! Of course, things were very different when marijuana was legalized for recreational purposes.

I remember going to a dispensary for the first time. I was amazed by all of the products they had available! That dispensary had more than just weed that could be smoked. They had marijuana around that could be vaped and they also had edible products like cookies and cakes. The dispensary even had tinctures, topicals, and pills. One of my number one products that I use today is a product that I found in the first dispensary. It’s a sativa strain gummy that has flavors like lemon, red, and lime. The sativa strain gummy is ideal for the day time, because sativa strains make myself and others guess ready for the day. I get a lot of energy from a 20 mg sativa strain of gummy, but when I first started taking the edible gummy product, I only used a 5mg dosage. Over time my tolerance has altered and now I require a greater amount of THC for the same results, however currently the 20 mg edible sativa gummy is the perfect dosage and the effects last most of the day. I will not medicate with cannabis again, until I’m getting prepared for bed.


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