The munchies can be brutal with nothing in the fridge

My roommate is getting on my nerves. I like the guy, but he doesn’t respect the things that are mine. He ate my last bag of chips yesterday afternoon, while playing video games. The guy promised he would go to the store later that afternoon to replace the bag of chips, so I did not get bent out of shape. He did not replace the chips and instead went to sleep. I had the munchies later that evening after smoking a big blunt. The marijuana joint made me crave chips. I went to the cupboard thinking about the chips. I forgot my roommate ate them. I got upset and aggravated all over again. I woke up my roommate by pounding my fist on the door of his bedroom. I was incredibly frustrated. I kept banging on the door until he finally woke up. I informed the guy that I wasn’t going to put up with the lazy attitude any longer. If he wanted to continue being my roommate, he was going to have to make some changes. After I yelled at my roommate for a while, I went to the bedroom, smoked more marijuana and fell asleep. In the morning, I woke up ready to apologize to my roommate. I knew I was a little harsh on the guy and I felt bad. I walked into the kitchen and the guy was making breakfast. There was a bunch of groceries on the table, including several bags of chips and my favorite flavor of ice cream. My roommate didn’t seem upset about the outburst I had the previous night. In fact, it seems like I might have made my point.

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