Vaping cannabis is far safer than smoking it

Using cannabis in university was basically a communal affair.

With that said, I hated it when random kids would make their way into my dorm room when my awesome friends and I were smoking weed because they’d expect to get in on the smoking for free.

Anyone who respectfully smokes cannabis will tell you that it costs a good sum of money to keep repacking the pipe, especially when inexperienced smokers burn several hits on their go. I was so thankful when an awesome friend in university taught me how to “corner” a bowl of weed by holding the light flame at the end of the pipe so you allow a tiny bit of flame to lightly kiss a tiny portion of marijuana. This way you still get a great hit, however without wasting additional hits of weed during the procedure. I definitely tried to pass this knowledge on to many people, however I struggled immensely. Most people just have the desire to get as high as possible as suddenly as possible, especially if they aren’t putting any money in for the weed that everyone is appreciating. It’s genuinely a good thing I developed a small friend group who would constantly share during these smoking sessions. This is where I got to try a huge amount of amazing cannabis strains for the truly first time, similar to White Widow and Dutch Treat. I was looking over an article about the dangers of combusting plant matter and inhaling it, exactly like how it is done with tobacco or marijuana. The article convinced me to go with a vaporizer for my cannabis habits and I haven’t looked back since. Now that I’ve been using a vaporizer all of this time, I vastly savor it over combusting or smoking weed to be totally honest.

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