A day of pampering myself has to include a trip to the cannabis dispensary

Working a lot is just something I do. Not sure if I’m just wired for staying focused and truly working a lot or what. But that’s the way that I’ve always been. However, as I started to age, I started to realize that I had to ease up on the gas pedal a bit. Too much job can have adverse reactions when it came to living a good life. Thankfully, I was able to revisit recreational marijuana when it was legalized along with medical cannabis. I remember when I was at school, I used cannabis products to better balance out how much studying I was doing. I also have the tendency to pour a bunch of stress and responsibility onto my shoulders as well. That doesn’t always go so well. Back then, I would be into mainly sativa although I also liked the body effect with indica. Yet, I started to let go of marijuana in general once I started getting serious about my work. So it’s very much a welcome back in a way and just right on time as well. I still job strenuous although I now sprinkle in some self pampering. And it generally starts with a trip to the local cannabis spot to get whatever newest hybrid strains they have for sale. I still sort of lean toward the sativa camp as that is the best destresser for me. But I also care about sampling a few of the edibles. There’s nothing quite the same as enjoying a cannabis edible at the park on a beautiful, sunny day to straighten out your daily perspective.
Indica strains