All veterans get medical marijuana discounts in my state

I never joined the military, however several members of my family were in for a number of years.

My dad joined the navy and stayed for 16 years while his sibling was in the army for even longer. Whenever there was a fight of some kind going overseas, I had to put a fantastic effort toward showing my military respect at family get togethers. Since our uncle suffered injuries while I was in his tours of duty, we all tried to show him our utmost honor and respect whenever he was around. He did his best getting by over the years, always relying on VA healthcare and whatever bones they would throw at him to cover his physical and mental anguish. Thankfully my uncle discovered cannabis after he returned from his last tour of duty. Whenever he had to give a urine sample to the VA, he would use a single of those body flush kits and would barely skate by without getting caught for his cannabis consumption. I hope that someday the plant is legally federally and protected for veterans especially. In my state, we have a medical marijuana industry. Thankfully for veterans, most dispensaries in this state offer discounts for vets on all purchases. Some cannabis dispensaries offer vet discounts up to 30% off all orders, while others have it as low as 10%. Either way, that’s a great savings if you’re a veteran looking to score weed for less currency. I’m ecstatic to see the dispensaries give lower prices to people appreciate my uncle who are in some ways suffering the most. It’s not just the physical injuries however the mental a singles too.


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