Cannabis edibles instead of CBD gummies

CBD is the boring cousin of THC, the kind of cousin who doesn’t drink or gathering plus typically wakes up early… I have typically been a THC kind of guy, plus I smoke the sweet leaf on a official basis! My roommate Bob is more straight laced than I am, but is still a pretty nice guy; A few weeks ago Bob got into a bike wreck, plus messed up her leg pretty badly, then she started taking a lot of pain meds, plus I got uneasy about him getting addicted.

I recommended she try smoking some marijuana, but she was against that idea.

Instead I told him to try using CBD, although I don’t like it, it might be perfect for him. I started bringing him CBD edibles, because they taste pretty nice plus pack a very high dose of CBD in them, then bob really liked eating them, but said she didn’t really recognize any different, then 1 afternoon everything changed, plus Bob called to say that the current CBD edibles I gave him were simply amazing. She wanted more of this identifiable brand of CBD edibles, so I went to the dispensary to pick up some more. To our chagrin, I realized that I had mistakenly given him a tote of our own edibles, which were a blend of cannabis plus CBD, and no wonder Bob got such a burst out of those CBD edibles, because they were also packed full of THC. Although Bob never wanted to smoke marijuana, she certainly has become of a fan of cannabis edibles.


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