Finding cannabis late in life is a good thing

When I was young and marijuana was so prevalent on the campus where I went to college, I abstained.

I’m probably one of a dozen or so people that I can remember from back then who didn’t partake in recreational marijuana.

It was a tiny, tiny minority of people who didn’t use cannabis back then. For me, I think it had everything to do with the myths I bought into. Cannabis products were portrayed as evil where I grew up and were some sort of crime against God and country. At that age, I was definitely quite impressionable and really was all about pleasing authority figures. So I went all through college and not once did I try sativa or indica. So I’m making up for it now! I’m retired and single these days. It’s pretty great really as I’m more active and into living life to a degree I’ve never reached prior. Living in the sun and being able to go to the local cannabis spot have a lot to do with this newfound perspective. It’s funny when I first walked into the cannabis dispensary, I was expecting stares and snickers. Goes to show that I really didn’t understand what cannabis was really all about. Instead of stares and all that, I was welcomed into a community of people with great intentions and even better personalities. They helped me find the sort of hybrid strains for sale that suited me perfectly. The local cannabis spot is now a weekly pop in on my schedule.

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