Finding the right dispensary on our honeymoon

When my spouse and I got married all of us wanted to honeymoon overseas, and unluckyly COVID was still a big deal then and all international borders were closed.

The two of us had to choose a location within a weird state.

The two of us ended up picking a state that is known for recreational weed. I thought a fun thing for us to do on our honeymoon would be to go to a cannabis dispensary. I researched for hours trying to find the perfect 1. It took us forever to find it while navigating through the city. It was such a letdown. The cannabis dispensary was genuinely small and basically had nothing on display, but you had to occasion out your products on an kindle and then they would bring it to you. That was not what my spouse and I had in mind. The two of us ended up leaving with no cannabis products. The two of us then did a whole shopping afternoon looking at clothing, food, shoes, watches and pipes. The two of us happened across a weird cannabis dispensary and my spouse pushed to go inside. It was nice seeing a whole current business. It was set up so much better. There was a dab bar that was just gorgeous. There was a whole display of edibles to look at and all the strains of marijuana were laid out to learn the particularations on. The bartenders were really helpful in this store. I never even found that arena in my research either, and funny how things like that work. It ended up being our favorite store on the trip. The two of us obtained some edibles and had a fantastic honeymoon.


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