I couldn't find any edibles that were strawberry flavored

My girlfriend had surgery on her knee last week and she was in the hospital for a couple of days.

We were ready for the surgery.

My girlfriend had problems with her knees for months before she decided to have the surgery performed. She was nervous about going under the knife. It was her first time ever spending the night in the hospital. I agreed to stay with my girlfriend so she wouldn’t feel alone. Before she went into the surgery area, I asked her if she wanted anything special when she woke up. She asked for strawberry edible marijuana treats. I thought she might ask for something marijuana infused, because she was going to have a lot of pain after the surgery was over. I knew right where to pick up the strawberry edibles. After my girlfriend went into the surgery room, I left the hospital and went right to the marijuana dispensary. They were completely out of strawberry edibles. They called their sister store on the other side of town and they were also out of strawberry marijuana edibles. I was a little bummed out and I didn’t want to give up. I went out to my car and I started calling all of the local marijuana shops. I asked each one of the places if they had the product that I was looking for. It was much easier to make a bunch of phone calls then it would have been to drive to all of those places individually. I had the strawberry marijuana edibles ready for my girlfriend when she came out of the surgery. I had to search all over town, but I found exactly what she wanted.


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