I hate to lose out on any delivery money

The two of us would prefer delivering all of our items and the Two of Us shop for everything that we need online.

  • It doesn’t matter if the two of us need fabric softener, sneakers, shirts, or a wheelbarrow.

We will obtain all of these items online and then have them shipped directly to our home. The two of us have contraceptive, condoms, and even birth control ship to the apartment downstairs. We also have products delivered from the marijuana shop. There is nothing I buy more each month on marijuana products. The two of us typically have all these items sent directly to our home. If we all order a huge amount of products, then we receive a whopping discount off the fees that the dispensary charges. Since the cost of gasoline as significantly risen, FedEx, Amazon, USPS, and many other delivery services have to spend a great deal of money going from Arena to arena. There are hardly more days left of free delivery fees. The two of us would bet that five or $10 delivery fees will easily be $20 by next summer. This is specific on the cannabis dispensary around the corner, because they charge 8:50 now. They charge 8:50 at the cannabis dispensary and they only have to drive a couple of miles. If their cost for delivery services goes up anymore, then the two of us will soon mean that we have to go to the store on our own to pick up all of the Cannabis items that we want.

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