I love the local cannabis dispensary

It’s a trip knowing that all I have to do is go down the stairs, out the building and hang a left.

Just a quick walk later and I’m in my local cannabis spot.

This was something that I wasn’t sure that I’d ever be able to do. It feels like almost too much to ask to have a cannabis dispensary so close, just right around the block from where I live. I mean, I waited decades for there to be even legal marijuana much less having such access to legal recreational marijuana. But that day has dawned and I couldn’t feel much more grateful really. Not only do I get to walk to my local cannabis spot, it’s just a killer place on top of being so close. There is just such a great feeling being in that place. It’s not just a store where there are a few marijuana products for sale. There are dozens of sativa and indica strains for sale along with all sorts of other goodies. The selection seems to be endless. And still, whenever I go in to just shop for a hour, I find something new or maybe new hybrid strains for sale. You just never know. But this cannabis dispensary is for real. They have everything that I could possibly ask for in that place. And these folks really guess their cannabis products. I’m feeling just so thankful to be able to have neighbors who are also just super great people plus a respectable marijuana business. It’s always a great day to swing by the local cannabis spot if for nothing else but a smile and a quick hello.

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