I might be biased but the cannabis edibles I’ve tried lately were extremely weak

I am now going on 15 years of being a daily cannabis user.

My experience with the plant has obviously evolved over the years to some degree or another. In the beginning only a tiny amount of cannabis flower buds in a bowl were enough to get my noticeably high, but that changed fairly quickly. At one point I was rolling blunts and smoking them by myself before I realized how much money I was wasting. And a ton of the marijuana goes up in smoke regardless, because the end of the joint or blunt is continuously lit while you’re smoking it. It’s definitely an inefficient way to get high compared to a dry herb vape where you can properly microdose over and over to whatever degree you need to. I managed to get my tolerance for THC to drop after switching to using a cannabis dry herb vaporizer for most of the day. Sometimes I’ll vape cannabis concentrates at night when I need a bigger hit and a stronger dose to take the edge off. However, I have never really been able to enjoy cannabis edibles despite the various doses I have tried. I have gone from 10mg of THC to 200mg of THC and didn’t notice a huge difference between the two. That’s why I’m probably biased when I saw I didn’t like the most recent batch of cannabis edibles that I tried from a new dispensary that was giving them away as part of a promotion. I don’t know if they were expired and losing potency, or if my poor effects are just a result of my inability to process THC through my liver like a normal person would. This is why I’m probably the last person who should be reviewing cannabis edibles.

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