I really prefer the edibles from the dispensary

I made root beer, cinnamon, and pineapple flavored candies

Edibles are a great way to consume marijuana products. Edibles can be found in medical and recreational marijuana shops. Edibles come in a variety of flavors. Edibles include cookies, cake, brownies, hard candy, and chocolate. Their dispensary keeps a selection of these products on hand at all times. I honestly prefer the hard candy and cookies. The hard candies come in six different flavors. They have orange, pineapple, lemonade, root beer, Cola, and grape. I’ve tried all of the flavors and grape is definitely my favorite. The grape flavor is tart and flavorful. I tried making hard candy at home last summer. I bought a distillate oil cartridge. The distillate oil can be used in baking and food recipes, because it has already been decarboxylated. I found a recipe for sugar candy and I made several different batches before I had the right consistency. When I got the recipe perfect, I added cannabis oil. I didn’t know if that cannabis oil would mix well with the sugar. I was very happily surprised and the product turned out better than I anticipated. The flavor was delicious and tasty thanks to some extracts that I purchased online. I made root beer, cinnamon, and pineapple flavored candies. I thought they were much more powerful than the products that I buy in the store. The candies in the store have about 5 mg of THC, but the ones that I made at home on my own were easily four times as potent as the dispensary products. From now on, I make all of my THC candy at home so I can double the dose of THC.


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