I’m so excited for the weekend sale on concentrates

I signed up for message alerts from the dispensary down the street. When there is a sale or special, I get a message in the day. Thursday day I received a message from the dispensary down the street. The place was going to have a large sale on concentrates & the sale would last all weekend. The weekend sale on cannabis concentrates included everything in the store. Top shelf products were included and all of the live resin & rosin products. My best neighbor Jack & I went to the dispensary on Wednesday day. Both of us knew that would be the best time to go to the dispensary, because it’s never legitimately tied up on a Wednesday day. Things start to pick up on Wednesday day & trying to go on Wednesday night is a horrible mistake, but last time I went to the dispensary on a Wednesday night, I had to wait outside for 30 minutes & then wait another 30 minutes for our order to be ready. It’s much quicker & easier to order delivery on Wednesday night. I was happily surprised by the selection of products that were on sale. I picked out 2 grams of live rosin concentrate. One of the strains was an Indica called papaya. The other live rosin concentrate was a hybrid called berry creamy. Both grams of live rosin concentrate were included in the sale & both concentrates were off the chain. They had great flavor & a actually high terpene count. I only took a few dabs from the papaya & I was wrecked.

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