Indica strains are great for nighttime and bedtime

Cannabis plants are broken up into two basic categories.

One category is called Indica marijuana strains and one category is called sativa marijuana strains.

Indica marijuana strains are very calming and relaxing. They are made to reduce pain and help with insomnia. Indica marijuana strains are perfect for night time or activities that require no physical exertion. There are many famous Indica cannabis strains such as ice cream cake, Skittles, Northern Lights, and granddaddy purple. One of my favorite Indica strains is called forbidden fruit. Forbidden fruit is a hybrid of Tangie and cherry pie. Forbidden fruit has a very sweet flavor that tastes like apples. One of my favorite ways to use marijuana is vaping. I prefer to vape marijuana oil. It is much less harsh on my throat and cannabis oil is very high in THC. Last week I picked up a forbidden fruit cartridge that was 98%. 5% of the product was terpenes and flavonoids. The taste of the cannabis concentrate was fruity, sweet, and delicious. The cannabis concentrate was so nice that I decided to contact the dispensary the next day to order a few more grams of the cannabis concentrate. When I ordered from the marijuana dispensary, I was happy to find that they also had granddaddy purple in cannabis concentrate.They were out of the indica strain the first time that I ordered, but they were back in stock when I ordered from the shop the second time. I got two more grams of forbidden fruit and two grams of yummy grandaddy purp.


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