It might be against the law, but I like to enjoy cannabis on hiking trails discreetly

In college, I tried to go hiking several times a week if there was time.

Nowadays I’m lucky if I can get out once a month, but that was after a few years of no hiking at all.

I lived so far away from trails in that old city apartment that I quit making the effort to drive an hour to the closest state park. I decided to buy a pair of boots and get in shape to go on a regular basis. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be once I started making it a habit each week to get into the woods for at least 30 minutes at a time. Once you get the ball rolling with regular exercise, it becomes a force of habit and is easier to do regularly. Sure, I could simply buy a treadmill and get the same kind of exercise while watching TV, but that’s not what I’m after when I go hiking. I absolutely love being in nature and breathing the fresh air full of oxygen from trees in every foreseeable direction. Usually I can’t hear street noise and there’s a generous amount of sunlight giving me vitamin D through my skin. I know that I’m not supposed to based on state laws, but I still love consuming cannabis on my short hikes into the woods. You’re not supposed to use cannabis in any public places in this state, and county and state parks are an example of public spaces. If it’s your own land, you’re fine with outdoor consumption if it’s out of view of others, especially neighbors. I try to be as discreet as possible whenever I’m using cannabis out in the woods. Cannabis oil cartridges are easy to use and conceal in a matter of seconds without creating too many obvious aromas that others would smell.

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