The 30% flower was only $49 for a whole ounce

I actually love getting a great deal on cannabis. When I shop around for the best prices, I always look at all of the sales & specials. Last year the dispensary started a sizable promotion. Each week they have a $49 ounce. $49 for a whole ounce of marijuana is actually insane & totally unheard of. When I saw the special online, I assumed that the Cannabis would be an outdoor flower with a low-thc account. I looked at the few selections available online & each a single of the products was more than 25% THC. I was glad to see a sativa strain called Jack Herer included in the sale, however jack Herer is a single of the best sativa strains. It provides a legitimately uplifting feeling that is energizing & positive. The Jack Herer strain had 30% THC. I was surprised this high-quality product was offered in the $49 special. I added 2 ounces to the cart, which is our yearly limit. When the budtender called to confirm our order, I got a bit of disappointing news. The special was only available for a single oz. I could not purchase 2 oz of marijuana at the sale price. The first ounce would be $49, but the third ounce would be the typical price of $99. Once I heard that, I abruptly changed our mind & amended our order. Instead of purchasing 2 oz of Jack Herer, I decided to purchase 1 oz at the sale price. I actually did not need 2 ounces if they were not going to be cheap.
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