The Cannabis cafe makes my day every day!

So now I guess I found where to go when I’m having 1 of those rotten nights or even 1 of those rotten weeks.

For a very long time, I would either guess sorry for myself at the cabin or be disappointed at how lame the local bar scene has gotten.

I’m not going to find what I’m looking for in a bar, that’s for sure. Plus, I’ve always been more partial to smoking a bit of recreational marijuana and just hanging. While I appreciate to go to the local tavern on choice to have a beer with friends, I’d far rather hang out at the park or anywhere beautiful. Thanks to a local marijuana business, I can now do both and still have samplings of sativa or indica. The local cannabis spot made a brilliant decision and this move is now my go to move when things just get too serious. The folks who own the cannabis dispensary where I shop opened up a cannabis cafe right around the corner. And it’s amazing. I mean, they couldn’t have found a more peaceful, mellow spot then on that deadend off the main street in town. It has table outside under great big, beautiful oaks. It’s just the best place you can imagine. And this marijuana contractor had the vision to put a cannabis cafe there. I was just having the worst day after multiple excruciating nights. My associate recommended that both of us meet there right after leaving work for a coffee and to share a sativa edible. That hour or so just completely changed my direction and really got me to cheer up, see life as doable and just relax. Plus, the edible was so delicious and the coffee went just great with it.
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