The cannabis store website has improved

Although my spouse doesn’t enjoy getting drive-through food, and he doesn’t care to go sit down inside a steakhouse, he enjoys ordering delivery from a website.

The reason for this is that every food item has a picture directly next to it, along with the caloric and nutritional information. He easily prefers scrolling through pictures of food and clicking on what appeals to himself at the time. This gave me a superb method for upgrading the website for my task. The cannabis store website was hopelessly ancient and clunky, and now I had a fantastic method for a total facelift… We needed to have close up pictures of all the wonderful strains of cannabis we had in stock, with a click-to-order button straight next to them. People order too much food when they are super hungry and shown pics, and I was hoping that would be true for cannabis. Especially if someone is already feeling high, then the click to order function would let them load up their cart with all the cannabis products they were looking for! It would be so much more straightforward than driving to the cannabis store, because you could order your cannabis for picking up, or for delivery, however having a little blurb with information and statistics about the individual cannabis strains will also be completely useful for some people, but mainly it’s about the pictures. We will need to get a professional photographer to take pictures of the varieties of cannabis we actually have in the store, and make them all entirely stand out and totally look delicious. I am totally hoping the new website will double our sales within weeks.
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