The CBD supplement had melatonin too

My momCBD supplement for her for the past six months.

Last weekend, she decided to order the CBD supplement on her own.

She believed that she was ordering the same exact product that my wife and I purchased, but she ended up getting a CBD product that also contained melatonin. Melatonin is a great sleep aid by itself. Mixed with CBD or marijuana, it can absolutely produce a groggy feeling. My mom didn’t realize that melatonin was going to cause an adverse effect until the next morning after she took the supplements. She felt drunk and hungover. The only difference between the medicine was the addition of melatonin. My wife and I went online to look up the effects of melatonin. Wait found out that melatonin mixed with CBD is a very sleepy concoction. The website recommended a small dosage of melatonin mixed with CBD. My mom actually took too much according to the dosage chart online. The entire day after my mom took the CBD and melatonin, she did not feel very well. She decided not to use any more of the CBD products with melatonin. My wife and I went to the health food and nutrition store where we purchased the original CBD tablets and we got those for her to take instead of the ones that also had melatonin. I tried to get the online pharmacy to refund the money that my mom spent on the CBD with melatonin, but they had and all sales are final policy and they would not budge from that stance at all.


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