The deal was too good to let go

A new marijuana dispensary opened and I wanted to check it out.

The place opened last month and it is about 30 miles outside of town.

When my girlfriend and I went to the valley, we decided to stop at the dispensary to see what the prices and selection were like. We planned to spend our whole day hiking, so we didn’t purchase any cannabis concentrate. It would have sat in the car all day and melted. The marijuana dispensary had some incredibly low prices on cannabis concentrate. They also had a huge selection of products that included butter, wax, shatter, and live resin. I saw plenty of products that looked interesting. I hated to pass up the good deals, but we had a day of activities planned. We decided to stop at the same dispensary on our way home. I withdrew $300 from my savings account so the two of us could take advantage of the sales on cannabis concentrate. We didn’t have anything that cheap at home and it didn’t make sense to pass up the good deals when we had money in the bank. We bought eight grams of concentrate each. My girlfriend picked out everything that she wanted and I did the same. One product that was particularly exciting was a live resin concentrate called liquid diamonds. The concentrate product had 99% total cannabinoids and 97% of that was all thc. I tried that particular marijuana concentrate as soon as I got home from our trip out to the valley. I only had three vape pen hits and I felt very calm and relaxed.

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