The pizza place having moved next to the pot shop is doing well

Online advertising and social media has totally changed the way people do business.

Regardless, there is something to be said for the classic rules of actual business and marketing that can never be topped.

For example, take the adage “the three most critical rules of running a business are location, location, location.” No matter how well you happen to advertise, your pressing business being in the best location is still more imperative! The success or failure of your corporation can be due mostly to location! There is a pizza parlor that was going out of business altogether, until it moved locations and set up next to the pot shop! Practically overnight they were able to get started with turning a profit, thanks to the proximity to the pot shop. Not only did they have additional foot traffic passing by, but a vast majority of those people were high on medical cannabis. Naturally, cannabis leads to the munchies, and now the pizza parlor was doing some pretty serious business! I am honestly guilty of this myself, because I don’t really enjoy pizza. Of course, when I have a head full of cannabis and catch a whiff of that smell, I just have to go and get a few slices. Since the pizza parlor decided to move next door to the pot shop, I have put on 8 pounds, and all of it happens to be pizza weight. What I truly must do is start using the cannabis delivery service, so I don’t have to venture past that pizza location anymore! In any event, I am really cheerful for their success, and certainly applaud their decision to transport in next door to the pot shop, it no doubt saved their business.

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