The pizza place is getting a lot of business next to the weed shop

Online advertising as well as social media has changed the way people do business in unbelievable ways.

Still, there is something to be said for the classic rules of business ventures as well as SEO that can never be topped.

For example, take the adage “the 3 main rules of running a business are location, location, location.” No matter how great you are with advertising, your corporation being in the most excellent location is still more important. The success or failure of your corporation can be due to having a bad location! There is a local pizza parlor that was going out of business, until it moved locations as well as set up next to the weed shop. Basically overnight they started turning a profit, thanks to the proximity to the weed shop. Not only did they have extra foot traffic passing by, but most of those people were regularly feeling high on medical cannabis. You’ll know that cannabis leads to the munchies, as well as now the pizza parlor was doing a huge amount of business every single day! I am guilty of this myself, because I don’t even adore pizza, but when I have a head full of cannabis as well as catch a small whiff of that delightful smell, I just have to go enjoy some. Since the pizza parlor moved directly next door to the weed shop I have put on 8 pounds, as well as all of it is without a doubt pizza weight! What I need to do is start using the cannabis delivery service on a regular basis, so I don’t have to walk past that pizza place anymore! In any event, I am really appreciative of their success, as well as really applaud their decision to move in next door to the weed shop, and it no doubt saved their business entirely.

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