The pizza tasted great when I was high on weed

I live in a part of the country where the summer weather is extremely hot and humid.

  • We regularly have days when the temperatures are above 100 degrees.

It’s impossible to live without the air conditioner. I had an issue in my apartment last week and the air conditioner broke down. I had to wait three days before the apartment maintenance staff could fix the problem. During those three days, I decided to stay with a friend. I didn’t have any AC at all, but Jack did. Jack lives in the same apartment building as me. He is on the sixth floor and his apartment is directly under mine. We met at the gym when both of us were working out. Jack I was more than happy to let me stay in his apartment while the maintenance team worked on my air conditioner. Jack and I had a fun 3-day sleepover. We ordered pizza and watched scary movies on TV. We ordered recreational marijuana from a dispensary in town. I don’t regularly use recreational marijuana products, but Jack has smoked pot for ten years. He suggested ordering some marijuana joints without pizza. Jack and I smoked a marijuana joint before we tackled our pizza. We ate an entire large supreme pizza with a 20-piece order of wings. We had crazy munchies after smoking the marijuana joint. At the end of three days, my air conditioner was finally fixed and I could return home. I was only mildly inconvenienced since I had my best friend to help me out.

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