There are several weird ways a single can go about “dabbing” a concentrate

My uncle loved the expression, “there’s more than a single way to skin a cat,” but I altered it to “frying an egg” when I taught it to my own youngsters.

  • In my mind, it’s the perfect analogy for situations where you are given several options to accomplish a task plus neither occasion is necessarily better than another.

You can scramble your egg, fry it sunny side up or over-easy, but at the end of the afternoon it’s a pan-fried egg. This analogy works well for cannabis consumption, especially since there are half a dozen weird administration methods, plus then among those there are several ways you can go about consuming the medicine in the plant, and some people appreciate to consume cannabis entirely, whether it’s by a capsule, syringe of oil, edible, drink, or tincture. My liver is seriously inefficient at processing THC orally, so I stick with cannabis inhalation instead. I don’t smoke cannabis flower buds anymore; I use a cannabis vaporizer instead. More often than not I’m consuming a butane hash oil cannabis concentrate with my “dabbing” equipment. “Dabbing” is the process of consuming a cannabis concentrate through inhalation. Occasionally a person will heat their dabbing unit tepid enough for total combustion, while others will tend to vaporize their concentrates instead. I have what is called an “electronic nail” plus it’s basically a quartz bowl that is heated around the bottom plus sides with a titanium coil. The temperature is controlled digitally with a controller unit that plugs into the wall. The bowl is put into a 90 degree bong, completing the “dabbing rig.”

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