When I’m really nervous, marijuana helps a lot

Last month I had a presentation at work and I was extremely nervous.

  • When I got to work, I was flushed and flustered.

I thought I was going to pass out from the nerves. One of my co-workers gave me a small gummy tablet and told me to eat it. He promised that my anxiety would go away. I asked the guy what he was giving me and he told me it was a low-dose medical marijuana product. I was hesitant, because I didn’t want to be high for my presentation. I trusted my coworker a great deal, so I gave in and chewed up the edible cannabis treats. I didn’t feel anything at all. In fact, I told my co-worker that he had a batch of bad stuff. He told me to wait 15 minutes longer. 15 minutes later, I had a change of heart. I was definitely starting to feel the effects from the medical marijuana. I didn’t feel high, but I felt more relaxed than I ever have in my life. I didn’t feel any stress at all during the presentation. In fact, I felt Invincible. I wasn’t very worried about giving the presentation and I no longer felt stressed out about speaking in front of my co-workers. I found it very easy to imagine all of them naked after I 8 the dummy thc treat. During my presentation, I was laser focused on the task. I answered every single question without hesitating. When the presentation was over, my boss told me he was impressed. He said it was my best presentation to date and he wanted to know if the difference was a good night of sleep.

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