Dad loves his cannabis edibles

I recently moved my dad in with me.

He’s been diagnosed with dementia but is still pretty with it.

It’s just living on his own isn’t really feasible or safe. And I’m newly divorced so he came to live with me in my new apartment. We’re now just a couple of guys enjoying our evening tokes of cannabis. That’s right, my dad has fallen in love with the cannabis gummies that were recommended by his physician. The doctor thought that dad might get some benefit from medical marijuana. There is plenty of data to suggest that medical marijuana can help those with dementia. What I notice with dad is that he’s no longer just freaked out or terrified when he can’t figure out where he is or what’s going on. It’s just so much better now that he’s treating with cannabis products. We even go to the local cannabis spot together to pick out his cannabis edibles. Dad likes to try something new each visit but he always comes home with plenty of his cannabis gummies. He calls them his treats and I’m able to give them to him most days. I have even sat with dad in the evening and enjoyed some sativa strains for sale from the cannabis dispensary. I have to say that it’s just the most pleasant of evening when we both relax and enjoy some weed. He loves listening to his old records on those evenings. And I sort of feel like all of this might be some sort of blessing.

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