Everything in the store was on sale while in the 1 year birthday sale

The energy was certainly high

Last weekend was the 1-year birthday of the opening of a marijuana dispensary in town. The marijuana dispensary had a huge sale to celebrate the 1-year birthday. They had a banner hanging outside of the dispensary for 2 weeks before the celebration. They wanted almost everyone to know about the get-together. They had a sound dock DJ as well as a couple of vendors from marijuana as well as cannabis companies. They featured having food trucks as well as lots of entertainment, during the 1-year birthday sale, everything was on sale. The dispensary featured a lot of the sales online, but they also stated that some sales would only be available for people coming into the store. I think that was a identifiable way to get almost everyone to come into the store at least once while in the weekend. I decided to go to the dispensary on Saturday after I was done with yoga. I stopped in the plaza to see what was going on. I was really surprised by the crowd that had gathered in the parking lot of the dispensary. I could hear rock n roll from the other side of the street. The locale was filled with people. I decided to go cabin as well as take a shower before I really went to the dispensary! By the time I came back to the dispensary, the sound of rock n roll was even louder. The energy was certainly high. I bought a couple of peculiar items from the dispensary as well as I put them in the car. Then I stayed for an minute or 2. I met a couple of certainly cool people as well as I had a fantastic time.

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