I adore the mango & green apple flavored gummies

I started using a gummy cannabis product to help with pain.

I did not think if the gummy cannabis product would really help with our pain or not, despite the fact that I was at the end of our rope & willing to try anything at all. I did not want to become addicted to painkillers & marijuana was a natural & herbal remedy, however at least that has what I had to tell myself, in order to convince myself that marijuana was okay. I grew up in the 74s when the say no to drugs campaign was going strong! Even after the nurse advocated medical marijuana, I still wasn’t convinced that it was the right move for me. I was fortunate to have a legitimately supportive family that made myself and others believe adore I could try medical marijuana without being judged. The gummies are our number one product. I started off with a low dose medical dummy. The mango & green apple flavored gummies are our number one. They really taste adore real fruit. It’s virtually impossible to taste the marijuana inside of the gummies. That’s a single thing that I entirely adore the most. I do not adore the taste or the flavor of marijuana. Being able to dose in a way other than smoking is good for me, because our weak lungs cannot handle smoking. I’ve tried a number of peculiar Edibles adore cakes, brownies, cookies, taxing candies, & gummies! Gummies are really our number one. Many of the companies have peculiar flavors adore yellow, pineapple, mocha, coffee, & vanilla, despite the fact that I have our number ones. The cannabis supplier making the green apple has the best flavor.

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