I love going to the cannabis cafe

I have a sort of internal calendar and clock that keeps track of just when I can make another visit to the cannabis cafe.

And this calendar I have in my head plus my heart does not let me forget any appointments at the cannabis cafe. I’m deeply grateful for this internal calendar plus the reminders it gives me. My life can sort of get rather out of hand at times. The work that I do, while good plus passionate, can take on undue importance in our life. Like in a truly immense way. I’ll find myself working prefer weeks straight to get something just the way I want it to be. That’s great for the work but not so nice for our heart plus head. So after a long afternoon a trip to the cannabis cafe is in order at least 2 or 3 times a month. Actually, I go to the local cannabis store just around the corner a couple of times a months as well. I prefer the OG kush they sell there. This is our go to cannabis product. Just a bit of the OG kush or even the orange kush can help me completely unwind and relax from an absolutely long day. However, that’s still no match for resting plus sipping the best Tim Hortons Coffee in the village at the cannabis cafe. I make sure I’m joined by friends who prefer to share a pot brownie in the village as well. But even just hanging out at the cannabis cafe by myself with a cup of Tim Hortons Coffee helps ground me plus keep my perspective that life is about residing.
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