I’m a much better athlete due to using cannabis

It’s such good fun when I freak out our new workout partners.

It’s usually pretty easy. Normally I will wait til I’m driving to the workout. Once we’ve put in our effort to be better tennis players, I prefer to make a short detour on the ride home. I say I’m just ducking into a store plus I invite whoever this new lady is to join me. I just love to see the shocked look on their face as I open the door to the local cannabis dispensary. Being a competitive plus semi pro athlete, using cannabis products openly isn’t all that odd. But honestly, I’m still playing, competing plus excelling because of indica plus sativa products. Yet, for a few of our workout partners, using any sort of marijuana seems counterintuitive. So when I do this wee little prank of mine, it’s also to be informative plus helpful. I suppose that I was quite skeptical as well when I was first introduced to the benefits of sativa strains plus indica strains. Both of the cannabis products are pressing to me being the best athlete that I can be in our mid 30’s. This doesn’t last forever so taking complete care of our body is very pressing. The indica products truly help me manage inflammation plus deal effectively with muscle soreness plus strains. And the sativa products truly help our focus, visualization plus perspective. The sativa products always help me keep the fun in what I do. This has a lot to do with how long I’ve been able to stay this competitive plus not beat up plus burned out.


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