My period is a breeze these days thanks to cannabis products

For some crazy reason, talking about a woman’s regular period is just so taboo.


Just get over it for real. That crazy notion that something that happens to more than half the planet is embarrassing is well, embarrassing. I’m sure that the whole hush hush over a menstrual cycle is something a man first thought of. Well, I’m basically thankful that cannabis products are finally legal where I live because they have improved my life a great deal. It’s remarkable how much more manageable my period happens to be now that I’m using both sativa strains as well as indica strains. My 3 week period has been reduced to just a regular week. And my cramps, nausea as well as other wild symptoms are greatly, greatly reduced thanks to all sorts of awesome cannabis products. I was actually thinking that marijuana might be something I should try. When I was in university, I truly don’t mind telling you that I smoked so much weed. And until now, that was the easiest my cycle has been like ever. Yet, transitioning into professional life resulted in having to give up cannabis. Not so much to get extreme or some such notion but rather, I would lose my actual job if I ever happened to be busted for possession of cannabis. So, I had to let it go unless I was able to share some OG kush with a buddy on occasion. With the latest swings to the law, I can get cannabis products these days. And man has it ever changed my life in a beautiful way. I’m feeling like a lot of other ladies now instead of dealing with 3 times the ick feelings each and every month.

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