The application process took hours to complete

I had a meeting with the lawyer that handles all of my paperwork for the cannabis dispensary… I need some marketing information as well as a corporation that knows cannabis advertising! The lawyer I hired is area of a network of consultants that help with a variety of cannabis law topics.

This lawyer has been with me since the start.

I needed some help with the permit as well as application for the marijuana dispensary. I couldn’t understand how to fill out each area properly as well as properly. I did not want the government to send the paperwork back to me because it was not filled out properly. That happened to another person that I knew as well as he spent six months trying to get a corporation license. I did not want the same thing to happen to me, so I found a consultant to help me fill out the paperwork. The lawyer also helped me find a manufacturer for the house marijuana products that I wanted to sell, however having a lawyer on retainer worked out legitimately well for me. It was nice to have an expert that I could call whenever I had a question. It took many hours to fill out all of the paperwork that I needed. I was thankful that the lawyer charged me a flat rate instead of an hourly fee. The information from the lawyer as well as medical as well as recreational marijuana consultant turned out to be the biggest difference. He helped make the process more streamlined as well as faster. I never had a single issue with the government at the state or federal level.



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