What is the difference between medical plus recreational marijuana?

My sibling plus I were talking about marijuana the other day, plus I was curious, then i asked him what the difference was between medical plus recreational marijuana? He laughed plus told me that recreational marijuana was illegal.

  • I thought he was just throwing me off the subject, but I soon realized he wasn’t.

Mom had been talking about medical marijuana plus how crucial it was to have marijuana legalized in our state. Now that medical marijuana was legalized, ‌all the people was purchasing it, but after asking the difference between medical marijuana plus recreational marijuana, I soon l gained the answer. Basically, they were the same thing, however medical marijuana was legal plus recreational is not legal. And… I could not buy either‌. Either way, you had to be twenty-one to purchase medical or recreational marijuana, plus I was only eighteen. If only medical marijuana was legalized, I had to have a medically documented reason for purchasing it. I thought about faking a seizure, however that was morally wrong. So numerous young people needed medical marijuana for epilepsy plus I could never think relaxing about doing such a thing. I waited until I was twenty-one to even try marijuana. Maybe, ‌in the next many years, they will legalize recreational marijuana plus I won’t need to worry about the morality of using medical marijuana when it isn’t needed. When I realized I was even considering getting medical marijuana when I didn’t have any reason’ I was ashamed. I felt love I was trying to take someone from somebody who particularly needed it.

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