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You can improve your eyesight with weed

There are less floaters that I notice when I’m searching for things. We have multiple health complications that we deal with for no other reason than who our parents are and the genetics they passed on to us. I think there are a lot of things that I’m thankful for when it comes to my […]

How I finally got medical cannabis

To think that just around 4 years ago I would have been denied access to the one treatment that has made the most difference in battling my inflammation and pain. Where I live, there was no such thing as a cannabis dispensary until just 4 years ago. This was due to the fact that these […]

There is light at the end of the tunnel

Anyone who has experienced a migraine knows just how completely horrible that can be. It absolutely has been the situation for me. But, I have only been dealing with them for around 2 years now. Before this, I would think colleagues were making it up by staying at home with a migraine. It was just […]

Medical weed was the cure after all

I’m really not sure if arthritis is passed down. There are different confrontations regarding that. I tend to feel that it really just doesn’t matter. I think that I have it. And it’s such a tough thing to live with. However, I am finding a lot of help by using medical cannabis. I find it […]

What to do for muscle spasms

For some reason, my body went through such an odd transformation. But thanks to medical weed, I am able to manage! At the start, I thought it was just part of getting older. I would go for a walk or play a little chess and would experience muscle spasms. This was concerning but I simply […]

It has been a change

Who knew that such a little organism could cause such trouble for a healthy lady like myself. And yet, it really did. I went for a picnic that changed my life and not in a great way. There were all kinds of health complications that seemed to be hitting me all at once. I had […]

Coping with MS

Medical cannabis would also help me feel okay about having MS There are times in life a single person simply has to accept things. That’s not something I have ever been actually great at. Having MS changed that thought entirely. The use of medical marijuana allows me to maintain that perspective. Until I was in […]