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Medical cannabis can help with a number of problems

Medical cannabis can be used to treat a number of health conditions and problems. Cannabis contains naturally occurring receptors called cannabinoids. THC, CBD, CBA, and THC-A are all used for a variety of medical uses. I lost my appetite when I was going through treatment and a doctor prescribed medical marijuana for daily use. At […]

My anxiety has been overwhelming me a lot lately

Lately, I have been overwhelmed with anxiety. I think it is a combination of work and home stress. My boss is demanding more work from everyone, but we are already having trouble reaching our goals by deadline. The kids are home from school because it is summer and they are constantly getting into trouble. Last […]

I had to quit smoking pot for the new job

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to drug test employees in a state that allows recreational and medical marijuana, but there are still companies that require pre-employment drug testing. I smoked pot the whole time I was in college. It was the thing to do with your friends and the cool thing to do […]